Saturday, November 15, 2014

Dumating po kami sa Manila! (We arrived in Manila!)

Magadang Umaga! (Good morning!)

It's almost 11 o'clock here in Manila on Saturday morning. The flights were great. We arrived here in the Manila MTC at 11:30 last night. Just driving through all of Manila to get here was one of the coolest experiences ever. I'm already in love with the city here. We don't have too much time to write today it's just an email to tell everyone that we're okay. The Philippines so far is amazing. 

This weeks schedule is pretty awesome

We get to proselyte in Metro Manila area today from 2-6 PM

On Monday we visit the American Cemetery depending on how long it takes to do our Visa information.

On Tuesday we get to walk across the street and do a temple session in the Manila temple! 

Then on Wednesday we head out to Laoag!!

The drive from the airport here was awesome. I couldn't tell if they're the worst drivers or the best drivers, there's no traffic violations and there's hardly any lanes so it's super crazy on the roads. We turned a corner to get to the MTC and the temple was the first thing we saw, it was lit up and beautiful  and so great to see after flying for 20+ hours.

The weather is kind of like Nashville's weather which is great because it rains all the time but it's super humid which isn't really too big of a deal.

The Manila MTC is so nice too, it feels like we're staying in a hotel in the outskirts of Manila. We get our own bathrooms, sinks, showers, the floors and sinks are made out of marble, and we still get breakfast served to us. It kinda makes me wish we could have been here all along!!

My companion changed from Elder Briskin to Elder Mumm. Elder Briskin, Elder King and Elder Kelley are a trio now. I'm not sure how much time we're going to be in an actual companionship though just because we need to do more personal Visa things. The main purpose of staying here before the field is to do all of that now instead of the last 5 days on your mission which I'm completely fine with.

I seriously feel like I'm the most blessed missionary to be able to do all of these things before the mission field. I love speaking Tagalog and being here in the Philippines! I can't really describe how amazing it really is.

I'll talk to you all later this next week in Laoag!

Kita Kits! Mahal kita! (Love)

Elder Oslund

During a Layover in Tokyo

Japanese Toilets

In Manila

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