Saturday, October 4, 2014

Kumusta Po Kayo?! (How are you?!)

Hey everyone!

Pretty crazy week so far at the MTC. The first 5 days are the worst part of the MTC because you're trying to get into a regular missionary schedule, learn Tagalog, learn how to teach, and still trying to grow in the gospel. But, the spirit is being felt EVERYWHERE which makes it a lot easier for sure. I won't be able to send you all the pictures that I took this week because the computers at the MTC have so many restrictions on them that I can't access my pictures off of my camera.

So my first companion, Elder Briskin, is from Milan, Italy but grew up in the United States and our Bishop for our zone described us as "complete opposites". He's called to serve in Manila. He's such a  great guy and we are able to really learn and grow together by the different qualities we have. 

The missionary schedule is INTENSE for new language learners. I'm so thankful to have the gift of tongues and the spirit by my side the entire time. I seriously don't think I could have made it out the first day without those gifts. 
Our Schedule is:
6:30- 7....Planning
8-9....Personal study
9-10....Companion Study
10-11....Language Study
1:15-4:30....Class Instruction (All Tagalog)
4:30-5:30....Additional Study
5:30- 6:15....Dinner
6:15- 9:10.... Class Instruction (All Tagalog)
9:10- 9:30....Planning
10:15 Quiet Time
10:30 Bed

So as you can see our mental stamina and faith is being tested to an extreme measure right now. By far the hardest thing I've ever had to do mentally.

I was called to be the district leader while at the MTC on Thursday night! Pretty cool! I love the district that I'm in. The sisters are really smart and really intimidate me by how well they're learning the language but I'm not doing too bad myself ;). This language is definitely something that will take a lot of time to pick up and understand but I've gotten so many confirmations that it will come together for me sooner or later. A scripture that I love is from D&C 11:10-14. I've never had a scripture hit me as hard as this did. I know that the work I'm doing is hard but I know that this church is true so the hard work will have an amazing result at the end!

It's amazing to see just how far the gospel has grown since the time it was restored. Over 15 million members and 170 temples! This is truly the Lord's work and even with all the oppostion we face as members of Christ's true church, the work still continues to grow and continue. What a blessing it is to be able to associate my name with Christ's name and to be able to do HIS work! I loved General Conference so far. It's so comforting to know that we can receive instruction and guidance by true Prophets and Apostles of Christ.Being a district leader I'm able to help guide and ask questiopns to the members of my district about the conference. The spirit has been so strong as I've been obedient to the commandments and being able to engage in such a discussion. 

We were able to teach an investigator already. All in Tagalog. On Friday night. Once I saw him all of the things I learned got thrown out of the window and I just blanked out. But I'm happy to be able to test and push myself so that I can become a better teacher and more fluent in such a difficult language. I am already able to say most of the greetings and ask questions, and already know how to open and close a prayer in Tagalog! The rest will come later haha. 

Well I love you all and I think about you all the time! Keep me in your prayers and I'll keep you in mine :) 

Pagmamahal (love),

Elder Oslund

FYI my P-days are on Saturdays and I leave for the Philippines on November 13th :)

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