Sunday, March 22, 2015

Heading Down to Vigan!

Hey everyone!!!

So my new home will be Vigan 2A! Going from one city to another but Vigan is apparently one of the 7 wondrous cities in the world (according to the people in the Philippines). So I'm really excited to get there tomorrow and start working down South! Vigan is the farthest area South of our mission until it gets into Baguio mission. From what I've heard it's really amazing down there because it was a city that the Spanish founded in the 15th century or so and there's a lot of Spanish culture mixed with the Philippines culture and is one of the top vacation spots in the Philippines. It's going to be a fun time there for sure! But I'll be able to find out more when I get there and start working and tell everyone about it after :) Elder Tanner came from Vigan and he says he misses it a lot. I'm excited to get started down there for sure :)

My new companion will be Elder Gamboa who is the same batch as Elder Angolluan so this will be his last transfer in the mission field so we'll be finishing it up strong for him with out a doubt! Being companions with Elder Angolluan has been a real blessing in my life. He's taught me A LOT in how to add power and boldness in the lessons and how to be loving at the same time. I learned how to serve my companion better with him. I learned that you serve the people you love not just that you love the people you serve. My time in Laoag has been amazing and has been the most growth both spiritually, mentally, and physically, in my entire life. 

This week was a good last week in Laoag! I'm very grateful and humble to have been able to have served in such an amazing place for the first part of my mission! There's Ivy Tolentino and Lexter De Guzman that I've told you about who will be baptized this upcoming transfer! :) Unfortunately I'm too far away from Laoag (about 3 hours) to travel by bus to see them be baptized but it's been amazing to have found them, teach them, and to help prepare them for baptism! I feel like I came and accomplished what the Lord wanted me to do in my time here in Laoag! :) We were able to get long time less-actives to become active again and we were able to learn and grow as missionaries and children of our Father in Heaven in my time here. Some of the experiences here brought me the purest and greatest joy I've ever had. :) I don't think you can get any other ward quite like Laoag 3rd Ward. They were the best!

Above all I just love doing the work of the Lord in the Philippines. I love learning and teaching and testifying of the truthfulness of His church and gospel to a world who is in essential need of the Restored truths. I love knowing that I have been called of God through a prophet to be here in this mission and teaching this people in their native language. I don't think there's enough words to describe how much this calling has meant to me so far. It's been some of the most precious and amazing, yet most challenging and difficult 6 months of my life but each second has been worth it. Every blood, sweat, and tear and mile has been completely worth it and I know that the pure motivation that I have to keep going is that I know that this church has been restored through the prophet Joseph Smith, and that Jesus Christ is at the head of this church and this is the only true church restored again on the earth. My testimony of the Restoration and the atonement of the Savior has carried me farther on this mission than I could have ever imagined. And I'm very, very grateful to be able to keep learning and progressing, and to keep serving in my new area in Vigan. I can't tell you how thankful I am to be here! :) Time to get started working down South! :)

Love you all and I'll see you all in Vigan! :)


Elder Oslund

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