Monday, March 9, 2015


Hey y'all!!

I guess the heading brought out my Filipino and Tennessee side at the same time! HA!

As you can probably tell I'm in a very amazing mood right now! It's amazing to be serving the Lord right now in Laoag! I just can't control how truly HAPPY I am right now!! It's really for no special purpose at all other than the reason of being able to be here and doing this great work! I LOVE IT! :)

I'm surrounded by the most amazing people, with a companion that I truly love to work with and be around. With Elders and Sisters in Laoag who I just feel truly blessed to be around. I've truly NEVER EVER have experienced such profound JOY, LOVE and HAPPINESS in my entire life! This is truly the Lords work and I'm so happy to be apart of it! Out of ALL the things I could be doing right now and ALL the places I could be, there's NOTHING that makes me more happier than being here in the Philippines, with the most amazing people, speaking the most amazing language, with the most amazing members in Laoag 3. I can't express my true gratitude that I feel right now to be here serving our Lord and Savior. I LOVE IT! :)

This week really wasn't anything special! But man did I love every second of it!! From the moment we wake up at the crack of dawn to go running along the river in Laoag to the moment my head rests my pillow at night around 10:45 I can't control how much I love to be here. I feel like my face is just hurting all day because of how much I'm smiling and laughing throughout the day, any place at any time because of the love I have for the members and the people we teach and the love I have for my companion. I've never had so much fun teaching and testifying about our Lord and Savior and His gospel and His church that has been restored through His prophet Joseph Smith. 

I think the reason why I'm always so happy is because I'm teaching and testifying the TRUTH. I'm always so happy because I've seen how the Lord has helped me get through EVERY second of EVERY day as I learn to rely and trust in Him. He provides the strength I need to do His work. How else could I be able to be so happy being so far away from home, speaking a language that I never knew of until my mission call, and teaching in a place I never imagined myself ever going in my life unless it was truly from the Lord. There's no other explanation than that the Lord called me here to Preach His Gospel and to teach to His gospel to His children here in Laoag speaking Tagalog. I feel like I'm the most blessed person in the world to wake up every morning and to do this work until I fall asleep at night. And CONTINUE to do it EVERY SINGLE DAY. I can't express how grateful I am!! And I'm especially grateful to be here in Laoag 3 with the most amazing members you can ever ask for!! I just love it here!!! 

Today is just another P-Day but we'll be going to the Laoag Bell Tower later on to check it out. It was made when the Spaniards where here and it's one of the most unique places in Ilocos Norte so I'm excited to be able to see the history of Ilocos Norte a little better later on :) It's great to be a missionary at this time!!! To not have to worry about anything except serving the Lord with all of your heart, might, mind and strength is such an amazing calling to have in this day and age. I'm so grateful to be a missionary at this time!! :) 

Anyways, time is almost up!!! I hope everyone has a good week and can feel a little bit of the joy that I'm feeling right now! It's a Great day in Ilocos Norte :) haha

I love you all!!!!


Elder Oslund

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